Bone Grafting: A Stable Foundation for a New Smile

Tooth loss or extraction does not have to mean a permanent gap in your smile. With dental implants, tooth loss can be treated with a natural-looking and long-lasting solution. However, because losing a tooth can lead to thinner jawbone tissue, some patients may require an additional treatment step before dental implants can be placed.

Dental bone grafting is the process of using a composite grafting material, or sourcing natural bone tissue from the body, to strengthen and repair a weakened area of the jaw bone. Dr. Brian K. Tavoian has been performing dental bone grafts for over 25 years and can conveniently perform this minimally invasive procedure at his Cedar City, UT, practice.

Why are Bone Grafts Performed?

If you have lost teeth or suffered from extensive periodontal disease, you may also been affected by jawbone deterioration. Because dental implants are directly anchored into the jawbone, lost tissue can seriously undermine the effectiveness of treatment. Brian will usually recommend bone grafts to rebuild lost bone and increase jaw strength so that your chances of success are much higher. 

Brian has been practicing in the area since  1992,  and has years of experience placing dental bone grafts.

Receiving bone graft treatment from Brian is a long-lasting solution. It is a permanent treatment for weakened bone density and, if successful, will not have to be replaced. Recent studies show that after 10 years, dental implants placed in grafted bone have up to an 84 percent success rate. Brian has been practicing in the area since 1992, and has years of experience placing dental bone grafts.

For patients planning to undergo treatment, the estimated cost for this procedure is $513.00. While this may cause some to hesitate, it is a small investment in a restorative option that can last for decades. 

What to Expect during a Dental Bone Graft

Though bone grafting sounds scary or painful, this surgical procedure is a minor one. Advances in technology, anesthetics, and sedation dentistry help keep you comfortable throughout your appointment. All bone grafting procedures can be completed inside our Cedar City office.

During the procedure, Brian will make an incision in the gum tissue to access the bone tissues below. He can then insert grafting material to the weakened area. This material is sterile and creates a framework around which your natural bone can grow. After placing and shaping the grafting material, Brian will close the incision and the healing process begins.

Recovery and Receiving Implants

After a bone graft is complete, a healing period of several months is crucial to ensure your bone accepts the graft. Once Brian determines the area is ready, the dental implant surgery can be scheduled.

After the implant is placed, an additional healing period is needed so that a unique biological process called osseointegration can occur. This is when the bone tissues accept the foreign object in the bone and develop along with it. This creates a tight, lasting bond, similar to that of a natural tooth root.

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